Daniel Drew
Daniel Drew

Director and Chief Scientific Officer

Daniel is an analytical chemist with more than 40 years experience in industry. Daniel has been the founder of several successful analytical and environmental consulting businesses in Australia. He is the principal of Global Environment Corporation.

Annette Davison
Annette Davison

Director and R&D and Consulting Manager

Annette is a microbiologist and paralegal with over 25 years experience in the water, environment and biotechnology industries. Annette founded and is a principal of risk management company, Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd. Annette is a member of the WaterRA Special Advisory Committee and a member of OneWater Advocates.

Phil Krasnostein
Phil Krasnostein

Director and CEO

Phil is a chemical engineer with more than 40 years of technical and management experience in a range of process and engineering based industries. Phil founded and is principal of Optimos Solutions Australia Pty Ltd.

Sarah Loder

Information Engine Product Manager

Sarah is a qualified engineer, specialising in strategic risk management for the water industry, with a background in both engineering consulting and management consulting. With ten years’ experience as a process engineer specialising in water treatment, Sarah brings a deep understanding of the water industry across Australia.

James Lucas - D2K
James Lucas

Senior Systems Architect

James Lucas is a Software Engineer with a passion for applying technology to improve lives. James has 18 years experience in information systems, software architecture, sensor networks and infrastructure management. Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Information and Communication Technology Engineering), Diploma in Engineering Practice, University of Technology Sydney (AUS)

Angel Abad Cerdeira

Technical Adviser- Systems Architecture

With close to 20 years experience as a Software Engineer, and a very well rounded set of technical skills, Angel brings systems architecture, security and development orchestration to D2K.